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Logos, Names, and Brands

One aspect that AB/DL groups might neglect is the need for branding. When we see the golden arches or the Coca Cola contour, we know exactly what to expect, and we take this for granted. An AB or DL, arriving sheepishly at his first munch, is going to look around for something. He's not going to ask each table if they are the diaper group. Alternatively, a big sign reading "THE DIAPER GROUP" might scare him off. He'll be looking for a brand, some symbol that has taken on an artificial meaning.

SF_BA_ABDL/BA-BBIF is currently seeking a brand, and new ideas are welcome.


The first proposal was offered by Willy, before the Yahoo closure. It was to name the group "Bay Area Diapers and AgePLay Enthusiasts," or BAD APpLEs. SF_BA_ABDL voted not to go with the name, but the meeting table starting being marked with apples.


The second proposal sprouted from the November munch. Someone asked what icons were associated with San Fransisco. The answer was, of course, the Golden Gate Bridge. Based on this, a few sketches were made, and a possible name was proposed; the "Bay aRea Infantilists and Diaper Enthusiasts" , or BRIDgE. (This option is being used as a working title, altough it might not be the final name.)

One of the rough sketches was colorized, which became an interim logo. This image has since been reworked in a drawing program:

BRiDgE Logo, medium

If one would like the logo files -- bigger/smaller/source file -- please email Herry

Rough Sketches
some ideas

more ideas

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