What is BRIDGE?

We are a local community of Adult Babies, Diaper Lovers, and Age Players, as well as friends and fans. We live or work in the San Francisco Bay Area or visit periodically. Our primary focus is the organization of social activities and events that promote our community. In addition to our monthly pizza munch we have group outings to movies and museums as well as occasional parties.

One part of the group started out as the San Francisco Bay Area Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers (SF_BA_ABDL). In November of 2004, the group was deleted by the Yahoo groups service. It then merged with BA-BBIF, part of Big Babies, Infantilists, and Friends (BBIF), an email forwarding service that was founded in 1993.

Having joined forces, we are building a new home on the internet for the group. In time, this site will be upgraded to offer new features such as; a secure member area, web access to the messages, a member database, an event calender, and possibly much more.

With the new home, it seems fitting to consider a new name, along with some icons as a group brand. As a working name, "BRiDgE" is being used.

What does BRIDGE do?

Generally put, we get together, talk, and have fun. In addition to parties, trips to movies, and visits to museums, there is the monthly pizza munch in Campbell. A typical pizza munch starts out at 7 PM. The host will order a pizza to arrive at about this time. This pizza is for all to share. Visitors are encouraged to order more pizzas to share, depending on how many people are there, and how hungry everyone is. The group usually goes through two to four large pizzas. Soda is available at the bar (but usually isn't shared). Conversation is limited only by considerations for the other patrons and can be about almost any topic. Diapers, movies, linux, and computers are frequent.

Read more about our events.

Additionally, we exchange information of local interest. One example is where decent diapers can be bought over-the-counter.

What doesn't BRIDGE do?

We are a group for adults to meet and socialize with other adults. While we acknowledge that these interests often manifest themselves prior to one's 18th birthday, for ethical and liability reasons we cannot involve minors under any circumstance. We may like to act like children at times, but we do not tolerate any activities that involve real children.

In addition to being adults, we are representatives, ambassadors between the ABDL community and general population. At public meetings and outside of parties, members are expected to follow established behavior guidelines, which includes modesty in dress and action, as well as keeping ones voice low in public places.

How do I join?

The BRiDgE member list and message system are manually maintained by Boogles and Gary. To join, send an email to them at bbif-request@bbif.org and ask to receive the messages for the Bay Area group. In addition, please provide the following information:

  1. Your birthdate.
  2. Whether you would prefer individual emails, daily digests, or web access to messages. (Individual emails will be sent to you until your preferred option is set up.)
  3. If you already subscribe to another BBIF list.
All members will be able to access the member services on this site.

Last Update: 17 August 2015| First: 18 November 2004