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SF_BA_ABDL History

The SF-BA-ABDL started in 1999 when Herry decided we needed a local community. There was a fairly established AB_DL group on OneList, so he started a local group there. He sent out announcements to the various AB/DL and BDSM groups. The group was promptly deleted. A second attempt was made, this time with an effort to be as similar as the main AB_DL group as possible. This time announcements were limited to AB/DL groups.

After a while, Herry decided that the local community should have a munch (which is a term borrowed from the BDSM community to mean a group of like minded people getting together for food and socializing).

The first location was a pizza place near his house. The pizza being awful, another nearby pizzeria was chosen. The first munches were held the 3rd Tuesday of the month, since it was the weeknight Herry was free. For a time, the day and time were switched to 4pm on a weekend. A local DL who had been to the first munch requested we move back to a weeknight, as he would get busy on weekends and end up missing the munch. So the day was moved back to the 3rd Tuesday and has been since.

The group has had a few different hosts.

It started out on OneList.

OneList was then bought out by eGroups, which added some neat features. eGroups then got bought out by Yahoo, which then became the only real host for groups besides MSN. There we stayed for a long time, despite many other groups on Yahoo disappearing without a reason.

Herry started thinking about the possibility of moving the group elsewhere, but due to personal reasons had to back out of the group for a while, during which BitterGrey took over as owner, and lilChris also helped as a leader.

Then, in November 2004, Yahoo deleted our group, to our frustration and confusion. We have no idea why we were deleted, and probably will never know.

Since then, the group has merged with the BA-BBIF (Bay Area BBIF) mailing list, adopted the "working" name of BRiDgE and Herry has been able to become active in the group again. In addition to the monthly pizza munches, we have expanded into having additional outings on weekends, typically once a month. The locations and days vary, but tend to be educational, recreational, or entertainment based, such as movies, museums, picnics, or game-days. These are detailed on our events page.

BRiDgE seeks to coexist with compatible groups in the region.

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